Technical Director Reel

Clip 01 - 00:04 - 00:52
Created Multi-Audio Import Tool Integrated into Animation Pipeline
I used python to script a tool that allows layout artists at Rooster Teeth to quickly import multiple audio clips into a Maya scene. The tool was later integrated into the company’s animation pipeline

Clip 02 - 00:53 - 01:06
Created Bow and Arrow Rig
I rigged a ruler and rubber band to work like an archer’s bow. Joints and nodes were used to make the ruler bend automatically when the rubber-band was pulled.

Clip 03 - 01:07 - 01:036
Created Effects Rig for soda blast stream
I rigged some cylinders and semi-spheres together to make the shape. I rigged it so that the cylinder would automatically scale when the head of the rig was translated away. Then I added some cycling animation to each piece of geo. I created some particle animations in Adobe After Effects and applied them to each piece of geo as a moving texture. Then I used Nuke to composite and add the rim light and glow effect.

Clip 04 - 01:37 - 02:01
Created wind ripple effect with sine deformer
I created blend-shapes for each piece of loose geo. Then I place a sine deformer in each piece. I weight painted each piece in order to give it a smooth fall-off. Then, I rigged it and added controls that allow the user to manipulate the speed, wavelength, amplitude, and rotation at will. The offset of the sine is controlled by an expression connected to the time. The other controls are connected through nodes in the Node Editor.

Clip 05 - 02:02 - 02:14
Rigged blinking
I used a cluster connected to each eyelid to rig the blinking of my characters. I selected the appropriate vertices, created a cluster, moved the cluster to the center of the eyeball. I then painted the weights to give each lid a smooth fall-off.

Clip 06 - 02:15 - 02:53
Developed giant treadmill set and rigged it to move with expressions
I created an extremely long set and populated it was various assets, such as trees and buildings. The set pieces were placed appropriately to prepare it for the bend deformer. A bend deformer was used to bend the set into a perfect loop. An expression was used to make the set spin relative to the time in the time slider with controls to manipulate the speed and offset.